Price For Hair

Manicure AED 45 صباغة الاظافر
Pedicure AED 50 باديكير
Foot Spa AED 30 منتجع صحي للقدم
Pedicure + Foot Spa AED 70 باديكير + سبا للقدم
Polish Change  AED 10 التغيير البولندي
Gelish + Manicure + Pedicure AED 180 جيليش + مانيكير + باديكير
Paraffin Manicure AED 60 مانيكير البارافين
Paraffin Pedicure AED 70 باديكير البارافين
Nail Extension AED 150 تمديد الأظافر
Refill AED 50 اعادة تعبئه
Nail Art AED 30 فن الأظافر

Feet are soaked in our special fragrance fizzes ( can be green tea, cranberry or sea breeze) preparing to clean the cuticles & buff the dead skin , after a smooth exfoliation of tea , dead skins are washed off and they are drooled in our detox mask and wrapped, feet are then cleaned, followed by a nice relaxing massage leaving your feet soft. Nails are styled up with our vegan polishes, chose between classic or French colours

Paraffin Medicure

It’s a manicure that includes paraffin wax—a colorless, odorless wax derived from beeswax and petroleum. The nail technician dips your hands into the heated wax (or uses a brush to paint the wax onto the skin) until they’re covered in several layers. Once your hands are waxified, a plastic glove is placed over them and wrapped in hot towels to boost the treatment’s benefits. The wax is often mixed with essential oils like lavender, tea tree, peppermint or aloe vera to double the benefits in the process and give it a soothing scent.

Paraffin Pedicure

Paraffin wax treatments are a luxurious treat that can help you achieve baby-soft skin. Typically applied during manicures and pedicures, this type of soft wax bonds to the skin very well. Hands and feet are submerged in the wax, wrapped in plastic and left to soak for 15-30 minutes.

Nail Art

Get a touch of instant glamour to a manicure or pedicure with inspiration Nail design created by our Nail experts, giving an oomph look for any occasion, festive season or just to add grace to the nails.


Chose from our wide range of gel colors which are easy to apply & long last vibrant shine which is chip – free & Stays for more than 2 weeks. Since the colors are free from any chemicals, after removal the nails is much healthier and not damaged


An acetone-soaked cotton ball on top of your nail, then wrap a small piece of aluminum foil around your nail to hold the cotton ball in place. Once all ten digits are wrapped up, sit back and relax for 15-20 minutes will the nail polish remover does its thing


When Hana Point Beauty Saloon launched, we had a aim of providing a luxurious salon experience to clients. Ever since then, we have created a reputation for ourselves for being the best salon in the city for all things hair, beauty, makeup, and wellness.


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